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Don’t just dance tango, live tango. is here to help you find a nearby Tango partner and the best events wherever you go. Just swipe through like-minded tango lovers in your area and send a Cabeceo (Invitation to dance) to the ones you like.

  • Find a Tango partner to go to a Milonga with when you arrive in a new city.
  • Share a glass of wine and dance a beautiful Tanda at the local Milonga.
  • Never feel bored or alone when you arrive in a new city again.

Join thousands of Tango lovers in 3 easy steps

1. Download the TangoPartner App

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2. View Nearby Tango Friends

Just swipe through like-minded tango friends in your area

3. Send A Cabeceo (Invitation to dance)

Send a Cabeceo (Invitation to dance) to the tango lovers you like

4. Match, Meet, Socialize & Go Dancing

Meetup. Go out dancing, share a glass of wine with new friends

Tango Partner is a global life style platform

Tango Festivals

Find a Tango partner for a Tango festival and hit the road dancing. Tango festivals are the meeting point for Tango lovers from around the world, the best tango teachers from Buenos Aires and Tango Dj’s. People leave their daily worries behind and come to enjoy spectacular Milongas, take Tango classes and connect with great people.

If you never experienced a Tango festival before, you are missing. Just imagine a few days of just Tango, Milongas, Wine, Vacation and tons of new partners. Find the best Tango festival by asking the locals. Use our app and connect with local Tango lovers everywhere you go. There are many websites with festivals and milonga listing; most are not accurate and outdated if you want to find the best Tango festivals in the world, just as our local community.

Ready to give a Cabeceo to a world of Tangueros ?

Cabeceo is a traditional way to invite someone to dance. It is done by “cabeceo,” a head nod by one dancer met with eye contact. It is done during a cortina or early in the Tanda. Download our application and start sharing Cabeceo’s with a world of Tangueros.

Make your heart smile

If you love tango you probably know this sensation already: You arrive to a new city and the first thing you do is to check what Milongas are on tonight. Imagine how many Tango lovers, just like you are passing by the same city and have the very same thought in mind. Wouldn’t it be lovely to meet other Tango lovers? maybe share a glass of wine and dance a beautiful Tanda at the local Milonda? Yes you already know it, a good Tanda will leave your heart smiling long after the music stops.

Embrace happiness

Tango lovers comes from all walks of life. The people you are about to meet in our TangoPartner application are there with their heart filled with Tango. They love the dance, the music, the atmosphere and the social sensation. Most were in Buenos Aires at least once, tried empanadas, Media Lunas in La Viruta and surely shared a glass of Malbec. With so much in common it is no wonder that so many people already found a partner to explore a long-lasting moments of happiness through tango.

Experience the word

TangoPartner is not only for Tango lovers on the move. Even if you don’t get to travel, you can experience the world dancing with international Tangueros passing through your city. Embrace variety and show our members a warm welcome. You will enjoy the same gratitude when you hit the road traveling. Living Tango is not just on the dancing floor. It is an international code of behavior we expect all our members to respect.

Improvise together

Argentine Tango is a dance of improvisation, a dance of seduction and a dance that evolve between two people inside an embrace. Only in Tango can two complete strangers share a Tanda long sensation of elegancy and intimacy. Unlike life, in Tango people learn to know each other, enjoy each other and create their own unique moment within an Embrace. The dancers get three songs (called a Tanda) to improvise their own special moment. A moment that will stay long after the Tanda ends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common questions TangoPartner app users ask

Is TangoPartner a dating app?

No. TangoPartner is a platform created to help Tango lovers around the world find local tango friends ready to help them discover the local tango scene. If you want to ask about local milongas or classes you can do it. If you want to find a partner to register together for events you can do it. If you want to simply share a drink, ask questions, or share a taxi, The TangoPartner app is here to help you find nearby tango friends.

Why I cannot see any tango friend in the app?

Most probably your profile is not active. A few things you can check:

  1. Have you set your preferences? (Role, Looking for, Profile picture, Home City). If any of those is missing, then the profile remains inactive.
  2. Have you set your distance settings? If not, you can try to increase the distance.

See the following video for more clarity:

Why I cannot see anyone on Tango Partner?
How can I edit my profile’s information and preferences, and add images?

Click on My Profile, and edit the fields “I mostly dance as a”, “Partner Preferences”, “Profile Pic”. Then click on “Your Tango Preferences”, to add Name and Home City. These are all fields that need to be filled for your profile to be active.

Following that you can choose to fill the fields “Searching a partner for”, “Other Dances”, “I can offer”, “Date of Birth”, and “Your Tango in A line”.

See the following video for more clarity:

How to edit your profile’s information & preferences and add images on Tango Partner
How to connect with nearby tango friends on Tango Partner

To connect with nearby tango friends, you simply need to click on the button “Find Partners”. Once you see a profile you like you can send them a Cabeceo by swipping right or clicking on the Cabeceo button.

See this video:

How to connect with nearby tango friends on Tango Partner
How many Cabeceos can I send?

The TangoPartner application is free to download and install. You can use it to send virtual Cabeceos to nearby partners. Initially you have 100 cabeceos. If you use them all, no worries. Simply click the “Get more” button and get more cabeceos for free.

For more clarity watch this video:

What happens when I have no more cabeceos left on the Tango Partner app?
I haven’t sent any cabeceo. Why do I get a notification that my cabeceo was accepted?

There are two ways to skip a profile: click on the left button or swipe left. Similarly, there are two ways to send a cabeceo: click on the right button or swipe right. This means that every time you swipped right, you sent a cabeceo. No worries, we have all sent accidental cabeceos, both in the app and in the milonga. Sometimes beautiful things happen when we least expect it. Cabeceos expire 24 hours after they are sent if someone doesn’t accept them. Also, if someone accepts your accidental cabeceo, you can always click on the settings icon next to their profile and remove them from your partners.

If you want to remove friends, or have doubts on how the app works, these two videos can help you:

How to remove friends, deal with unwanted cabeceos, or report profiles on the Tango Partner app
How to connect with nearby tango friends on Tango Partner

Why does my Cabeceo stay active for 24 hours only?

We think of as a big virtual Milonga. When people invite others for a dance with Cabeceo, they expect a quick answer. If your partner didn’t respond to your Cabeceo, he or she might no longer be in town. We keep your invitation to dance “Cabeceo” active for 24 hours. If your partner doesn’t answer, your cabeceo fades away, just like it never happen. Don’t worry; we are sure you will meet again at another Milonga. Feel free to Cabeceo them again.

Why do people reappear even though I skipped their profiles or I already sent a cabeceo?

Think of it as a virtual Milonga. The fact that you don’t send someone a Cabeceo does not make her/him disappear from the Milonga. Cabeceos are active for 24 hours. During this period of time you will not see the user. If the user didn’t reply after 24 hours he/she will be back to the list. If the user accepted, he/she will be added to your friends list.

How far away can I look for potential partners?

TangoPartner is all about meeting your nearby partners and go out dancing. You can find local Tangueros or people just travelling through the same city as you are. We figured that 50KM is a fair distance. The application will display the current distance of your potential partners. Maybe you can meet for a glass of wine before the Milonga. But, if you want to look for Tango Partners further away, you can do that too. You can increase the distance to 300km, 700km, 2500km, or even set it to “No limit”. This will allow you to reach out to potential partners in nearby countries and maybe register together to an event, or ask for recommendations for local festivals relatively close to you.

Watch this video for more clarity:

How to find tango friends that are further away from you on Tango Partner
How to remove friends, deal with unwanted cabeceos, or report profiles

As in a perfect milonga, we want you to be in touch only with the people that you want to be in touch. To remove a friend, you can simply click on the settings icon next to the friend’s profile and remove him/her. If you receive multiple cabeceos from people you don’t want to be in touch with or visible to, simply block their next cabeceo by clicking on the settings icon next to their cabeceo notification. Finally, if someone is doing something you consider inappropriate, feel free to report by clicking on the Spam button in the messenger.

Watch this video for more clarity:

How to remove friends, deal with unwanted cabeceos, or report profiles on the Tango Partner app
About the app permissions

We want to create a beautiful and safe experience for the users of the app. The main value proposition of the app is that it helps you connect with other social tango dancers closeby. This way, when someone visits a new city, they can open the app, immediately connect with local tango dancers and ask them for help (which milonga to go to, how to get there, if there are any local classes during this day etc.) Moreover, the moment users arrive to a new city, based on their location they will receive notifications about events, workshops, classes, etc that are taking place close to them. Having that in mind lets see together the permissions:

1) The app needs to know your location to be able to show you people who are closeby. If the app doesn’t know where you are, it cannot show you who is close to you. Also, the app needs to know your location in order to show you only relevant information. When you arrive to a new city, you don’t care about milongas in your home town. You care to know which milonga is available in that new city.

2) The app needs access to photos and camera in order to take or upload your profile picture. Profiles without pictures are ineffective. Tango is a social dance and we want users to be able to see who is the other dancer/teacher/organizer.

3) To block illegitimate accounts from being created, we ask for Facebook or Google verification, since this blocks most of them. We need to protect the experience of our users and this step helps us keep away fake profiles.

The app keeps asking me to update

Here is how to solve this issue. First close your Tango Partner App. Then go to settings and click on Apps. Find Tango Partner and click on it. Inside the app settings, click on storage and then click on clear cache. Now open the App again, it should work.

In the rare case that this doesn’t work, you can also clear all data for the app.

Why does the displayed distance is not precise?

Our user’s safety is our top priority. We know that the Tango community is friendly and will always show a high code of behaviour and respect. But, there is no way for us to prevent non-tango members from using the application. For that, we display only estimated distances. We count on the support of the community to flag profiles that are inappropriate.

When would I be able to chat with my nearby tango partners?

It takes two for tango and it takes two to accept an invitation. Go ahead and send Cabeceos to nearby partners you like. Once your partner accepts the Cabeceo the system will allow you both to start chatting and make the exciting plan for the evening. This is almost as wonderful as getting a Cabeceo in the Milonga.

What to do if I don’t have any nearby partners?

It is always hard at the beginning. TangoPartner is a new application for Tango lovers. We are welcoming new members every day. If you don’t see potential Tango Partners in your area please help us promote the application by inviting your friends to it. You can do it from inside the app, or you can share about the app on social media. If you really love tango, consider taking it a step further. We are sure that within a short amount of time you will be able to experience tango with new partners every where you go.

This is how to invite new tango friends to the app:

How to invite your tango friends to join the Tango Partner app
How to invite your tango friends to join the Tango Partner app

Hurrrray! You got the app, you love it, you want to connect with your friends there. Great. Simply click on the three lines at the top left, and then click on “Invite Friends”. Choose the preferred way to invite them, and boom! You helped the community come closer.

For more clarity, check this video:

How to invite your tango friends to join the Tango Partner app
Can I join the TangoPartner team?

Yes, we are looking for Tango lovers to join our team. Milonga owners, welcome travelling members to your local milonga. If you want to promote an event or share a Tango story just contact us.